Traveling with CBD: Can I bring CBD on my flight?

Traveling with CBD: Can I bring CBD on my flight?

Summer 2021 has been full of adventure as borders and airports have opened back up! And with this renewed sense of wanderlust comes a new TSA policy that makes adventures even more enjoyable…

It's official, you can now travel with CBD!  

There are some important exceptions to note, though. If you plan on traveling with your favorite CBD self care products then read this post to learn more about the standards for which products are allowed and how to pack them to ensure a quick, easy experience at TSA checkpoints.

The TSA says the following on their website:

“…Certain products, including some CBD oils, remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis or that are approved by FDA.”

So, what does this mean? Any oil or tincture you pack must have less than 0.3% THC in it. THC is a compound that produces a “high” feeling.

Our CBD flower does NOT produce a high and contains only trace amounts of THC. Even though these amounts fit the TSA limit the flower still looks and smells like cannabis. Avoid the confusion and keep reading to find an alternative that might work better for your airport escapades. If you feel compelled to bring your flower anyways then make sure it’s properly labeled and in a safe container. Bring along original packaging and other documentation for proof of compliance!

While it is legal to fly with CBD the TSA issued a disclaimer on their site stating that "any person traveling with an item that is hemp infused" might be subjected to additional checks or scrutiny. No one likes being hassled when there's a plane to catch; so avoid the bother of unnecessary checks and delays and pack your CBD as instructed below.

There’s one product you definitely shouldn’t try to pack- and we bet you already figured what that was. If your go-to CBD fix is a pre rolled joint, prepare yourself and swap it out for something that won’t trigger an underpaid and overstressed TSA worker. Pre-rolled, fragrant flower is definitely a no-go when traveling through TSA.

Your next thought might be about your go-to tincture.

Tinctures are liquids, so you have to be mindful about ounces. If you want to save yourself the stress of measuring out your tinctures consider checking out our collection- every tincture weighs in at exactly one ounce! That will out you in perfect compliance.

Tinctures are still a little risky as the bottles can shift during flight and potentially leak in suitcases. Consider putting tinctures in plastic bags and taping around the droppers to ensure a safe trip for your vial!

That brings us to our last CBD product- capsules!

Capsules are a flower free way to get the beneficial effects of CBD. Capsules are in compliance with every standard set forth in the TSA announcement and should be a hassle free way to take CBD with you wherever you go. At Hemp Farmacy we have a wide array of capsules that we think could be perfect to bring on your next adventure. Check out this link to quickly browse our assortments and find what works best for you.

Our last point- do your research. CBD might not be legal in every country you’re flying to, so double check before you pack your capsules to avoid TSA troubles. See the graphic below for a quick summary and checklist for you next vacation!

At Hemp Farmacy we are all about using CBD to create stress free experiences. We hope these tips and tricks help you have a safe and pleasant journey!